Bad Bunny: Music Artist and Humanitarian


SEATTLE, Washington — In late 2016, Puerto Rican singer, rapper and songwriter, Bad Bunny, rose to fame. He has many hit songs under his belt, solidifying his status as a pop phenomenon. While crafting his music, Bad Bunny has also found the time to give back to the world, especially children in Puerto Rico. The artist has also created a foundation that help thousands of children by introducing musical and other artistic aspects.

SER Donation

In 2018, Bad Bunny was vacationing in Puerto Rico when he decided to make a generous donation of $100,000 to the nonprofit organization SER of Puerto Rico. The funds had gone to support children with autism and muscular disabilities who require rehabilitation. At the end of the telethon that Bad Bunny participated in, $1.7 million was the total sum of donations to SER. With the issues that Puerto Rico faces today, this donation brings much hope to a younger generation. In response to his donation, Bad Bunny reflected on a video posted on SER’s Instagram by stating, “I only act from my heart.” This shows his genuine interest in giving back to his home country by enabling children in need to have the support they deserve.

Donation for Heart Transplant Surgery

In the Cayman Islands, 13-year-old Andy Reyes is residing in a hospital and in need of thousands of dollars to cover his medical expenses. With four surgeries already under his belt, Reyes is now depending on a heart transplant surgery. On January 18, 2018, his story caught the attention of Bad Bunny, who then made a call to campaign for Reye’s surgery. Bad Bunny brought public awareness to the boy’s critical need for an expensive surgery and called on other artists as well as ordinary people to donate any amount they can afford to help raise money for the surgery. Due to the campaigning of Bad Bunny, Reyes has managed to acquire $531,735 of his $800,000 goal.

Good Bunny Foundation

In December of 2019, Bad Bunny worked to deliver thousands of toys to children in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The donation of toys forms part of the Good Bunny Foundation’s second edition of present giving. The nonprofit organization was created to help the development of young children through artistic and musical outlets. The toys were handed out at the Convention Center in the capital of Puerto Rico. Many of the toys were reported to be music and sports-related. Bad Bunny also took the time to personally hand out some of the gifts and sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

With his continuous rise of fame, Bad Bunny has made the effort to show that he has not forgotten to give back to those in need. His generous donations help thousands of children in Puerto Rico. He also aids children outside his home country and makes sure to offer his help where he can. Bad Bunny’s generosity has made him much more than just a musical artist, it has made him a global humanitarian.

Ashleigh Jimenez
Photo: Wikimedia


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