Author: Taylor Elgarten

Taylor writes for The Borgen Project from St Paul, MN. Her academic interests include Creative Writing and in the future she hopes to work within the publishing world and eventually create a Book Truck.

SEATTLE — Many people believe vaccines started with Edward Jenner in 1796 with the smallpox vaccination. However, the first inoculation, or vaccination, actually occurred in 1718 and was carried out by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, a full 80 years prior to Jenner’s breakthrough. Lady Montagu learned the practice of inoculation from her research of Turkish customs. In attempts to save her son Edward, Lady Montagu had him inoculated. Today, smallpox is nearly eradicated from the global community. Lady Montagu is the first of many women in history pioneering vaccinations and contributing to increased focus on global health. Further progress in the…

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