Author: Kelsey Jackson

Kelsey lives in Cincinnati, OH. Kelsey's academic interests include Creative Writing and Women & Gender Studies. Kelsey hope to get a second degree in Strategic Communication. She loves creative projects, hence the paint on her arms, she was repainting an old dresser!

NAIROBI — Water contamination is a massive issue in underdeveloped areas. Wastewater treatment plants and systems are scarce. In Nakuru, Kenya, only 27 percent of residents are connected to the town waste treatment system. The other 73 percent use outdoor, dug-in latrines, and nobody seems to know where the waste from these ends up. A group of U.S. students from Georgia Tech came up with a solution. Sanivation is an innovative company that puts “blue box” toilets in homes, then collects waste from them and synthesizes waste into fuel. The result is briquettes that burn three times as long as…

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