Angelina Jolie: A True Advocate For Children In Need


Angelina Jolie is truly the definition of an advocate, for she is taking strides to help children in need in developing countries. In 2007, Jolie launched the Global Action for Children (GAC) Program to help orphaned children in third would countries receive support, including a free primary school education. The funding for this program comes directly from the United States and those who are willing to contribute to this cause.

Angelina Jolie is a thriving actress in the United States, yet is known as a true humanitarian around the world. Jolie has used her power and funds as an actress to help those in need around the world and has helped with numerous humanitarian efforts. These efforts include campaigning for relief for the nations of Cambodia, Darfur, Sri Lanka, and numerous others. Not only does she contribute funds to these relief efforts, but also her time. Jolie takes a significant amount of time out of her schedule to visit orphanages, refugee camps, and poverty stricken areas to see how she can help those in need.

Jolie has also brought her partner into theses causes; she and Brad Pitt have cooperated on numerous occasions to bring attention to those in need through their celebrity status. Since the duo has numerous followers across the world thanks to their blockbuster films, their captivating persuasion influences others to go out into the world and make a difference by helping those in need. They have also started their own personal foundation to help those suffering in third world countries, and make considerable donations to their Jolie/Pitt Foundation.

Jolie spends a considerable amount of time helping orphans in third world countries, for many of her children are adopted from poverty stricken nations. Jolie’s daughter Zahara became an orphan in Ethiopia due to AIDS; Jolie spends a considerable amount of her own personal funds, time, and devotion to helping those in need within this area.

Jolie wishes that her daughter will be able to return to Ethiopia when she is older, yet she is concerned that the country’s condition will only become worse and will be so unstable that she will be unable to return in the future. Jolie has stated, “I am very concerned that when she’s sixteen, she will not be able to go, because it will be too dangerous. So, I have an investment in these countries personally, because I am concerned about the future of them on obviously a very personal level.”

This type of commitment is what makes Jolie and Pitt such powerful allies in the fight against poverty, states GAC Executive Director Jennifer Delany. She continued by saying that the two not only care about children, but are actually taking the action needed to help millions of children within poverty stricken nations.

Through their advocacy, Angelina and Brad have worked towards the passing of the Orphan’s Bill in Congress so millions of orphaned children in poverty stricken nations will have access to a proper education. Both know that the only way these countries will improve in the future, is if the future generation is properly educated, helping to end the continuous cycle of poverty.

Jolie wishes to see millions of orphaned children receive proper care and help through the Orphan’s Bill, and through this hopes that the poverty stricken nations surrounding them will improve as well. Angelina Jolie is truly an advocate for those in need, especially for children in need within third world nations. Through her active advocacy, she hopes to see millions of lives changed within the near future, and that one day she may see the end of global poverty.

– Grace Beal

Sources: Today, Youtube, Huffington Post
Photo: Earthly Issues


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