Presidential Candidate Amy Klobuchar Supports Foreign Aid 

SEATTLE — Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is one of the many candidates in the crowded Democratic primary for the presidential election of 2020. Her public comments in combination with her voting record in Congress illustrate that Klobuchar supports foreign aid.


Klobuchar has been vocal about the importance of foreign aid as a strategic tool to help bolster national security and promote economic prosperity both abroad and at home. Klobuchar affirms that the American tradition of providing humanitarian assistance is a proud part of the U.S. role as a global actor. She says, “We must continue to provide that [humanitarian]assistance and maintain our standing in the world as a nation that comes to the aid of those in need.”

Legislative Issues

As a Senator, she has cosponsored a number of bills and provisions that support aid. Klobuchar has also been a vocal supporter of the cause of helping global refugees. She cosponsored a resolution to recognize June 20 as World Refugee Day. The resolution reaffirms the American commitment to provide assistance and protection for refugees all over the world.
Klobuchar also cosponsored the Free Syria Act, which authorized increased humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees. She also co-signed a letter from Congress to the Obama administration urging the president to allow more Syrian refugees to resettle in the U.S.
Klobuchar has also been a cosponsor of several pieces of legislation that The Borgen Project has built support for in Congress. She was a cosponsor for the Reach Every Mother and Child Act, the Global Food Security Reauthorization Act and the BUILD Act. The latter two were passed into law in 2018.

On the Importance of Global Engagement

To facilitate economic prosperity, the Senator believes exports are critical. She says that global engagement is essential for domestic economic development. The Senator recognizes that exports are an under-utilized opportunity for American businesses. Klobuchar has noted that U.S. exports could effectively increase by engaging with emerging markets in Asia, South America and Africa. Humanitarian aid to these regions helps encourage developing economies to become more significant trade partners.

On Global Health

Klobuchar supports the United States’ role as a leader in the fight against global disease. She recognizes the global issues posed by HIV/AIDS, Zika, Ebola, Malaria and other diseases. The Senator has said that the U.S. should develop stockpiles of medicine and vaccinations to prevent global epidemics.
Notably, Klobuchar fought for more than $5 billion in funding to fight Ebola in West Africa. This funding was used for humanitarian assistance and to enhance African medical infrastructure.


The Senator has asserted that partnering with international organizations is effective for achieving American global objectives. Cooperating with international organizations like the United Nations has been crucial in the fight against global poverty. She is a supporter of the Minnesota Peace Project (MPP). The MPP is an organization dedicated to fostering international peace and preventing conflict through diplomacy.
Klobuchar has historically been against slashing the foreign aid budget. She voted against reducing appropriations for foreign assistance programs in 2011. She was also very vocal in her opposition to cuts proposed by the Trump administration to the international aid budget.
Amy Klobuchar has a tight race ahead given the number of Democratic candidates who have thrown their hats in the ring for the Democratic primary. However, if elected president, hopefully, she can continue to champion global prosperity through humanitarian aid.
– Peter S. Mayer
Photo: Wikimedia

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