How Action Against Hunger Fights COVID-19


SEATTLE, Washington — Action Against Hunger is a global organization whose focus is to aid malnourished children, distribute safe water and devise sustainable solutions to ending global hunger. Their teams are present in more than 45 countries around the world, providing food supplies and life-saving assistance every day. In addition, today Action Against Hunger fights COVID-19 through continuing their food programs and distributing medical supplies.

About Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger has consistently worked to save the lives of children and their families, especially before and after disasters. The organization has also given individuals the opportunity to provide for themselves and communities the ability to thrive. The solutions that the nonprofit has been focused on developing are effective in that they have long-term impacts. More than 8,000 field staff are currently aiding over 17 million individuals around the world.

The non-governmental organization (NGO) was established in France in 1979 as Action Internationale Contre la Faime by a coalition of scientists, writers, journalists, intellectuals and physicians. Its primary goal was to aid in fighting against global hunger. Although the organization specifically focuses on researching nutrition, it also works to combat problems associated with hunger. Some of their work involves fighting diseases linked to poor nutrition and improving nutrition by increasing food security. Additionally, they work to prevent communicable sicknesses often found in unclean water. The NGO also works to reform government or cultural policies that could result in widespread malnutrition.

Action Against Hunger Partnerships

Action Against Hunger has worked with a number of partners in order to advance its mission ranging from Google to Weight Watchers. In 2018, the NGO teamed up with This Bar Saves Lives to establish a unique model for addressing severe acute malnutrition. This model empowers consumers to provide food assistance with every purchase of This Saves Lives snack bars. The partners estimated that a maximum of 250,000 children subjected to extreme hunger could benefit from instituting such a system. This Saves Lives would be responsible for distributing resources to aid Action Against Hunger with providing treatments for severe hunger.

Proctor & Gamble (P&G) has also partnered with Action Against Hunger in order to provide safe drinking water to those undergoing the negative effects of drought in East Africa. Through a research project, P&G also aided with providing sanitation and other hygiene programs to communities that need it the most.

Work During COVID-19

In response to the pandemic, Action Against Hunger fights COVID-19 by aiding health centers most in need and consistently raising awareness regarding disease outbreak prevention. They have also helped distribute supplies like medications, PPE and hygiene kits. For example, the nonprofit has expanded access to healthcare services to control the spread of coronavirus in Somalia. In Colombia, the organization worked to make food and cash transfers more available to the most vulnerable. In Ethiopia, they have enhanced operations for health worker training and supported authorities in developing protocols for cleaning and disinfection.

Not only does the NGO fight malnutrition, but now Action Against Hunger fights COVID-19 as well. It is evident that despite the obstacles associated with the current global pandemic, the organization is still working to carry out its mission of putting an end to hunger around the world.

– Aprile Bertomo
Photo: Flickr


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