5 Reality Stars Who Fight Against Global Poverty


SEATTLE, Washington — Reality stars and celebrities have the ability to use their fame to make impactful changes. These reality stars are making a difference by fighting against global poverty. Despite the often selfish portrayal, these stars are taking the initiative to work with charities and give back.

5 Reality Stars Who Fight Against Global Poverty

  1. Camilla Thurlow: Camilla Thurlow first came to the public’s screen on the smash hit “Love Island.” The British reality show focuses on singles who meet and date each other. Her kind demeanor and compassionate actions captured the heart of viewers across the world as she quickly became a favorite. Fans of the show were also impressed with her previous career at the nonprofit organization HALO Trust where she cleared mines in Cambodia. Since her time on the show, Thurlow no longer works at HALO Trust. However, she still uses her fame to fight against global poverty. Her work particularly focuses on improving conditions for poor refugees. She continuously uses her social media accounts to raise money for various organizations. In addition, Thurlow also visited a refugee camp in Greece to generate awareness. Most recently, she starred in the documentary “What Camilla Did Next.” In the documentary, she returns to her roots as a humanitarian aid worker. Her main goal was to teach viewers about the realities of living in rural Cambodia where landmines are common.  
  2. Tyra Banks: Tyra Banks was a supermodel in the early 2000s, but today she is perhaps most famous for her work as the host of “America’s Next Model.” Since becoming a household name, Banks has expanded both her domestic charity efforts and joined the fight against global poverty. Banks runs her own foundation, TZONE. The mission “is to build a sisterhood movement among women and girls.” This is accomplished through fundraises and grants from “community-based nonprofits that serve low-income, disadvantaged women and girls.” The organization operates primarily in the United States, but Banks has lent support to organizations that help global causes as well. She has worked with the Nation Pediatric Cancer Foundations, which works both nationally and internationally to find cures for pediatric cancers.  
  3. Andy Cohen: Andy Cohen, the mastermind behind Bravo TV, holds some of the most impressive credentials in the reality show business. Cohen hosts “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” He is also an executive producer for shows like “Top Chef” and the Real Housewives franchise. Cohen is also an active philanthropist who promotes causes that address global poverty. For instance, after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Cohen became involved with Habitat For Humanity’s rebuilding efforts. In addition, he lent his handprint for an auction to benefit the nonprofit.  
  4. The Kardashians: While the Kardashians are technically multiple reality stars, the family is perhaps the biggest name in the reality show business. However, they also have a long history as reality stars who fight against global poverty. For instance, Kendall Jenner donated the proceeds from her 22nd birthday to building wells in Ethiopia. She helped raise almost $70,000. Additionally, Kylie Jenner is an ambassador for Smile Train. This nonprofit provides funding for children suffering from cleft lips and palates across the world. She recently raised $500,000 through running a limited edition lipstick through her company Kylie Cosmetics. Finally, Kim Kardashian-West and Kris Jenner visited Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, donating medical supplies and visiting orphanages.
  5. Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton is often considered one of the original reality show stars when she starred in the hit “The Simple Life” in the early 2000s. She has repeatedly pledged funds to and raised awareness for the fight against global poverty throughout her career. Additionally, Hilton worked with the India School Project. Her efforts include paying to build a school and investing in a program to become self-sustaining through raising chickens. Hilton also supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Chile and donated $350,000 to people affected by the 2017 earthquake in Mexico in 2018. 

Although they often are portrayed as vain and self-obsessed, many reality stars fight against global poverty. They clearly understand the need to address such issues and make the world a better place for all.

Chace Pulley
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