10 Twitter Accounts for a Crash Course in #GlobalHealth


ATLANTA– Global health, a pillar of the 2014 International Chronic Poverty Report’s dynamic approach to poverty eradication and reversal, may intimidate left-brained or business-oriented individuals lacking a strong scientific background.

Biological terminology need not prevent advocates for the Millennium Development Goals from familiarizing themselves with the latest developments in #globalhealth initiatives, trends and policies.

These 10 Twitter accounts are standouts in the world of global health and are must-follows for any poverty-minded citizen of the twitterverse.

@CDCGlobal – The Twitter account of the United States-based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is its only that is global in scope. Check out this page for links to webcasts, interviews and live chats with global health experts that are pioneers in their fields.

@clintonfdn – The Clinton Foundation page is equal parts pop culture, youth development and women’s rights hub. @clintonfdn “gets” a younger demographic and promotes initiatives like the Clinton Global Initiative University’s bracket challenge for college students with ideas supporting social innovation and sustainability.

@gatesfoundation – The Seattle-based Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation encourages innovators to develop simple, safe and engaging solutions to the AIDS epidemic, poor sanitation and disparities in access to health care. Follow the foundation for unique Gates Foundation success stories (think condom and toilet design contests.)

@gavialliance – Want to impress friends and colleagues with breaking news in high-impact innovation in global health? Any of the GAVI Alliance’s posts regarding vaccine research and development could permanently transform the landscape of global health.

@globalfund – The Global Fund invests in improving outcomes of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. For relevant mainstream articles that merge politics, economics and health, @globalfund could be ideal.

@onecampaign – The ONE campaign offers up posts for advocates who hope for an interactive relationship with the fight against global poverty. Check out this page for product giveaways, links to petitions and free downloads in addition to moving articles and eye-opening photos.

@scispeaksblog – Ever wondered how to understand academic lingo? The brilliant authors of the Global Health Policy blog transform original scientific articles into engaging and approachable formats.

@USAIDGIH – Ever wondered how and where U.S. funding is impacting communities thousands of miles away? Wonder no more- the global health-focused account reveals how much bang the State Department’s buck yields.

@WHO – The World Health Organization (WHO) is to the world what the CDC has become for the U.S.- the hub for global health policy, research and development. @WHO translates WHO data into clean, direct infographics for a refreshingly multimedia take on global health.

– The World Bank, any big data lover’s dream, tweets out weekly links to global health articles and blog posts that synthesize huge data sets for the number shy of the twittersphere.

Get your feet wet and diversify your following with these key players for an education in the fundamentals of #globalhealth.

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Photo: Turkish News


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